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Obagi Nu-Derm System

Obagi Nu-derm System The Obagi Nu Derm System is a prescription strength skincare system that can be useful in the treatment of Acne and residual Acne Scarring.

Treating the skin at both a superficial and deeper cellular level, spots will gradually reduce, improving texture and tone of the skin and helping to resolve the marks that Acne can leave on the skin.

How it works:

An effective prescription system helping to normalise cellular turnover and regulate acne skins. The Nu Derm system penetrates below the surface of the skin to improve skin cell function at a cellular level and correct the damage within. The combination of prescription products helps to eradicate surface marks and increase skin health and resilience.

Results you can expect:

Acne spots are greatly reduced and often active acne is eradicated. The marks left over from Acne gradually fade and skin not only looks and feels healthy, it is visibly improved and repaired at a cellular level.

WARNING Do not buy the complete system over the internet. It is a prescription product and needs to be used under medical supervision. It is available to purchase at the Acne Treatment Centre in clinic after a consultation with our nurse.

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