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Danné Montague King Skin Peels and Enzyme Treatments

Dramatic results are achieved with this unique skin peeling system. Individually tailored treatments are used to help resolve a number of different skin complaints. Particularly effective for skins that would benefit from resurfacing techniques, including acne and scarring.

How it works:

DMK skin treatments are designed to work with our own skin chemistry. A unique treatment that combines peeling procedures with the unique science of Enzyme Therapy.

DMK Enzyme treamtent

Trusted by ‘A’ List celebrities, these products follow a 4-phase system that duplicates our own skin chemistry.

  • Remove – dead skin cells that lead to dry skin, fine lines and skin discolouration.
  • Rebuild – live cells by providing protein, amino acids and nutrients, thus enabling cells to live longer and perform at their optimum level.
  • Protect – the skin from sun damage, free radicals and other environmental factors
  • Maintain – the best possible skin functioning using the purest botanical ingredients for continual rejuvenation.

The range is extensive and combines vitamin rich skin nutrients with active enzymes, requiring an expert consultation to treat and improve the specific condition of your skin. Leading edge formulations mean that you feel the benefits quickly and for the long term.

This range is clinically proven to be particularly effective in the treatment of problem skin as it operates at a cellular level to flush out the cellular matrix and oxygenate every cell to a very high level.

Results you can expect:

A dramatic improvement in acne spots and scarring and resulting in a healthy glowing complexion. Results can be achieved relatively quickly, with a lifelong solution to effectively control problem skin.

In addition we also use the DMK Six Layer Peel, which can dramatically reduce scarring from Acne spots. This effective re-surfacing procedure gives dramatic results, by systematically applying a blend of natural plant and fruit sugar acids to the skin. The strength of the formulation will be tailored to suit your requirements and the procedure will take between five and ten days, giving time for old skin to ‘peel’ away, revealing newer, healthier cells beneath.

Watch the video below on Danne Montague King treatments from the London clinic:

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