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Acne Scarring

While many people feel unhappier about their acne than the symptoms seem to justify, it is also true that for many sufferers acne is so disfiguring that they may be on the mark in believing that their appearance is aversive to others. If severe acne is left untreated, it can leave permanent scars to mar an otherwise handsome or beautiful face.

There are three basic types of acne scars

1. The most common type - and the least severe - is generally referred
to as ice picks. It is due to the loss of part of the epidermis so that the skin 'dimples' slightly.

2.The second type of scar, called craters, occurs when the epidermis is 'captured' by the scar tissue of a deeper acne lesion and is pulled into a deeper pit.

3. In some cases, especially on darker or black skin, acne spots may turn into keloids, which are almost like flat warts raised on the surface of the skin. Initially red and itchy, they eventually become hard and dark. They can grow to several centimetres in diameter.

Types of Acne ScarsNo scars are easy to remove but at the acne treatment centre we have a number of proven methods. The best course by far is to cure your acne before scarring ever becomes a problem.

Millions of acne sufferers endure the physical and psychological effects of acne, and millions of pounds are spent trying to treat it. Most of the over the counter products do not work because their contents are weak and in many cases create more problems that they resolve.

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