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Acne and Diet

Although Acne is not caused by diet alone, there are some aspects to our diet that either help or hinder treatment.

Our intake of Essential Fatty Acids in the UK is often poor and we do recommend our patients increase their levels of Omega 3 in their diet or consider taking an Omega 3 supplement (see Patrick Holfords Advanced Nutrition Programme Range). Supplements should always be used under expert guidance as they are not suitable for everyone, depending on medical history. Omega 3's are the best natural anti inflammatory we can add to our diet and are useful in any inflammatory skin conditions.

Sugar does not cause acne, however, there is now a link established between sugar and P Acne bacteria, with bacterial proliferation being encouraged in a high sugar diet. It is a sensible precaution to reduce sugar intake and eat a healthy, well balanced diet. Avoid high glycemic diets.

There has also been a link to a regular ingestion of cow's milk being associated with worsening acne.
Vitamin A and C deficiency have also been linked to worsening Acne symptoms.

Look out for these other things (not related to diet) that can lead to acne:

  • UV exposure
  • Incorrect skincare
  • Poor quality and composition of makeup and primers
  • Fruit acids or chemical peels in general and over-peeling the skin
  • Overuse of lipid substances or occlusive substances in topical skincare
  • Alcohol substances of more than 10% concentration in cosmetic skincare
  • Creams containing emulsifiers as they can lead to dissolving of natural lipids
  • Some medications
  • Hormonal fluctuations such as menopause
  • Digestive disorders/Constipation

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